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1. His uncle (is/ are/ am) a famous writer.

2. Did you see (she’s/hers/her) dishwasher?

3. (John/ John’s/ Johns) father’s name’s Walter.

4. He sometimes (to play/ play/ plays) the violin.

5. What time do you usually have (the/ a/ -) dinner?

6. There is (a/ the/ -) message for you on the answering machine.

7. (They are/ There are/ It is) a few bananas in the fridge.

8. Who is that man (on/ at/ in) the picture?

9. Do you have (some/ any/ a) children?

10. She (maked/ made/ makes) a cup of tea for me as I was cold.

11. St. Valentine’s day is celebrated in many European countries (on /in /at) 14th February.

12. She (has/is /with) beautiful blue eyes.

13. Unfortunately my wife can’t (cooking / cook / to cook) at all.

14. They like (listen to/ listening to/ listening) modern jazz music.

15. Would you like (eat out / to eat out / eating out) tonight?

16. This ring is (more expensive / best / more nice) than the one you gave me for my birthday.

17. The Caspian Sea is (the bigest / the biggest/ bigger) lake in the world.

18. (Have you got /have you / Do you have got) a driver’s license?

19. In Siberia winter (last / lasts / is lasting) for about five months.

20. Who (is he/ he is /does he) laughing at?

21. It’s yours, (hasn’t/ doesn’t/ isn’t) it?

22. He (is going /going / goes) to move into a new apartment soon.

23. What (is / will / does) the weather like in Holland in March?

24. He spent three years in Spain, so he speaks Spanish very (good / well / fastly).

25. How long (have/ did/ do) you and Mike (known / knew / know) each other?

26. What did you (must / have to / should) explain?

27. I need (a little /a few / many) time to think it over.

28. If I drink some more coffee, I (will not can / can’t / won’t be able to) sleep.

29. You won’t get up till about 10 in the morning (do you / will you / won’t you)?

30. He crashed into another car when he (was making/ made / makes) a U-turn.

31. If we (don’t / aren’t / won’t) come before dark, they will start a search.

32. I don’t feel very well, I think I (must / might / should) fall ill tomorrow.

33. Will you send me a letter as soon as (there is / it will be / there are) any news?

34. Where (is / does / did) this wine produced?

35. What did you (use / used / do) to dream of when you were younger?

36. (How / What / That) is it called?

37. It is your smile that makes me (feel / feels / to feel) happy.

38. They are waiting for us so they would be very upset if we (didn’t /won’t/don’t) come.

39. Unlike my parents, I think talking about politics is (bored / boring/ boredom).

40. How did you manage (improve/ to improve / improving) English that quickly?

41. Who (was told /told / tell) you that I had broken the vase?

42. My boss doesn’t let us (to smoke / smoking / smoke) in the office.

43. It wasn’t easy (to decide /deciding / decision) who should have done the washing up.

44. What’s up? I (am waiting / wait / have been waiting) for you for two hours!

45. After he (passed/ was passed /had passed) the exams he went on holiday to Paris.

46. She told me she (was/is / has been) sixteen.

47. The people (what / who / which) wanted to get tickets had to queue.

48. (Most / The most / Most of) people think that it’s hard to learn Chinese.

49. Everybody would have been surprised, if he (had refused/ has refused / refused) to participate.

50. Did she tell you when she (is coming / would come / will come) back?

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